Message from the CEO
Accelerating Progress and
Improvement toward 100-year Corporation.









Ever since its establishment in 1955, the Institute of New Architecture Inc. (INA) has worked with integrity as a professional group dedicated to architectural design and supervision to resolve challenges confronting its clients. INA has consistently maintained its “capacity to respond to the needs of the era.”

We at INA have accumulated know-how as a “general coordinator in urban planning” by executing redevelopment and reconstruction in addition to conversions and renewals that utilize the existing stock.

Our responsibilities include mapping out ways to respond to the contemporary challenges of the declining birthrate and aging population as well as developing disaster-resistant urban planning. Since communication with our clients is indispensable in this undertaking, we are dedicating ourselves to brushing up “communication skills” to support our problem-solving capabilities.

It is our endeavor to create a future that brings a smile to the faces of residents and facility users.

In March 2020, the Institute of New Architecture Inc. celebrated its 65th anniversary of foundation.

We are deeply committed to further progressing and improving on our previous operations and take a steady step forward to become a 100-year corporation.

代表取締役社長 加藤 朋行

Tomoyuki Kato, President and CEO